4 Physical Therapy Industry Predictions for 2024 and How to Plan Ahead

The 2020’s kick started sweeping changes for the physical therapy industry brought on by the pandemic. Although anticipated PT developments underwent setbacks due to staffing shortages and therapist burnout, PT industry predictions for 2024 foresee significant improvements. 

With over 25 years of clinical and coaching experience, MEG Business has made some projections for physical therapists and private practice owners. Learn what to expect and how to navigate inevitable shifts with our recommendations. 

4 Pertinent PT Industry Trends for 2024

Predictions for the PT industry vary between concerning and optimistic. Regardless, every cloud has its silver lining. Explore the predictions detailed below and find ways to use them to your advantage:

#1 Talent Retention Struggles Continue

As a clinician, you’ve likely wrestled an endlessly rocky hiring landscape. Burnout pulls once-dedicated therapists away from their home practices. Clinics struggle to identify quality candidates to fill positions. 

While staffing obstacles will likely continue dominating physical therapy trends in 2024, they don’t have to be mountainous hurdles for your practice. Investing in your staff’s development and resource access can lessen the burden. 

#2 Technology Reigns Supreme

Clinics increasingly incorporate technological solutions into their daily practices. Some attractive solutions include:

  • Automated software for data entry and medical billing tasks
  • User-friendly applications for patient use
  • Advanced equipment implemented by seasoned physical therapists 

Like other medical fields, the future of physical therapy looks more technologically sophisticated and computerized than ever. Some solutions can mitigate staffing shortages, improve patient service access, and eliminate data errors. 

#3 Corporate Giants Make Retail Medicine a Cornerstone

One of the most prevalent PT industry predictions for 2024 is the continued rise of large corporations supplying accessible retail medicine and medical services. Chains like Walgreens and CVS have increasingly expanded their services beyond simple pharmaceutical pickups. The pandemic provided these brands the opportunity to supply vaccinations and other basics in their stores. 

These trends influenced patients to seek fewer rudimentary medical services from their primary care providers. In turn, the definition of primary care provider may shift in the coming years. 

#4 Physical Therapy Services Become More In-Demand

Most patients may reserve medical doctors for more medically significant services. Other providers will meet more basic needs as a result. Physical therapy clinics have a unique opportunity to embrace such roles and increase their patient pools. 

Additionally, the silver tsunami of aging boomers continues to grow. As the population of senior adults increases, so does the demand for therapeutic services that secure mobility and physical independence. 

How To Navigate Upcoming Changes in Physical Therapy

The demand for physical therapy and clinical settings grows despite recruitment and retention obstacles within the field. How can you prepare for a booming future with few talent resources now? Consider the tips listed below to manage upcoming PT innovations in 2024. 

Create an Appealing Company Culture for You and Your Staff

Terms like company culture may seem like corporate buzzwords at first glance. However, they refer to the environment your clinic creates for staff members and patients. Improving your company culture and hiring process will help you attract and retain dependable therapists.

Invest in Technological Advances

Part of overcoming staffing challenges and other hurdles involves embracing the future. Which jobs can you outsource with software and other solutions? Can advanced, new equipment improve your therapists’ workload? 

Explore new methods to streamline your practice while providing consistent quality to clients. 

Begin Planning for an In-Demand Future

You may not feel the consumer demand yet. However, its gravitational pull might develop tomorrow or a month from now. Set your clinic up for success and scalability for a more flexible, resource-savvy practice. 

Explore Solutions and Resources From MEG Business

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