Episode 69: Good Employees Seek Owners With Good Leadership Skills

Leadership skills are not something that I believe most of us a born with. Therefore, I truly believe that they need to be developed.  Some of us may have been fortunate to grow up with a parent or grandparent who exhibited leadership skills for us to model, thus giving some a more natural ability to lead groups than others. Either way, true leadership comes from training and experience. Drilling down to develop these five leadership skills will prove to be effective for private practice owners who want to build a company culture with high morale and a well-organized structure for people to follow.


  • You must have the desire to want to see others around you do well and be successful. So you must be committed to the concept of doing the greatest good for the greatest number of people that aligns with your group’s purpose.
  • As a leader, you must be able to communicate your intentions clearly so that your purpose and desired products always come across to your team members. You hsould be proficient in all forms of communication – text, email, voicemail, one-on-one, and in a group setting such as meetings or public events.
  • One of the most important aspects of communication involves your ability to allow others to be heard and duplicated fully, ending with an acknowledgment. The aim of every good leader is to establish trust and loyalty among team members and that can only be done if they feel a degree of mutual respect.
  • Great leaders understand that transparency breeds trust and no matter what; anything less than 100% honesty is unacceptable. The responsibility ultimately falls on them to make things go right so there is no room for blame, shame or regret.  Leaders should also feel comfortable admitting their own strengths and weaknesses when the situation calls for it.
  • Effective team leaders know when it’s time to lead and when it’s time to follow. Delegating out certain tasks to team members increases the likelihood that the work will be completed in a timely manner while improving relationships you have with the rest of the team because of your trust in them.
  • Leaders who are fully accountable understand what it means to take full ownership over something that works out well as much as something that ends poorly.  Being responsible for one’s own actions is the definition of responsibility but being responsible for the actions and outcomes from others is being accountable.  In order to be fully accountable it’s not enough to just be self-determined you must possess the ability to see both sides and play them equally as hard for the greatest good.  Win or lose, right or wrong a great leader will own up to the decisions and actions to lead up to the outcomes no matter what they turn out to be.
  • Good leaders will take the time to build relationships both in and out of the practice. Always exchanging in an abundant manner will be seen and appreciated by those around you. Other seek the company of a good leader because of their confidence and integrity.  Remember, you will never be remembered by how much money you have made but you will always be remembered by how many lives you’ve touched.

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