Episode 117: 10 Ways to Help Your Clinical Staff Increase Production

We’re getting right down to it today folks, starting with this fact - Physical Therapists DO NOT BILL. In this podcast, Brain covers how to extinguish misunderstandings and misconceptions that may exist between new grads/staff and their owners. As always: be transparent, communicate, and seek the facts for yourself.

Key Takeaways/Points

  • Physical Therapists DO NOT bill - we have nothing to do with Billing!

  • Codes are a digital format of your narrative note so that the carriers’ systems can read and interpret what was done with their clients
  • Practice your craft of physical therapy ethically
  • It all starts with the interview & onboarding process
  • You must have company structure (and thereby Compliance) in place
  • Give your new hires confidence in you as a leader
  • Keep your administrative duties IN
  • Maintain and update your Policy & Procedure Manual (P&P). Actively use it to run your practice
  • The individual can only truly succeed after the group is successful - be able to measure this success!
  • Inspire your therapists to give an abundance of care
  • Designate a Compliance team (with a Compliance officer) to avoid any issues in your practice


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