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Personnel Management Course

"I really liked the structure provided for us to improve business. The drills were especially helpful to gain practice knowledge of your concepts. I like all the templates, the org board and business statistics and I think it will really help grow our business. I'm looking forward to being able to manage staff and track patients outcomes more efficiently. "  

- Rodelle M. (Practice Owner in NY)​

"Very glad to finally receive training to effectively operate our business after being open for nearly nine years. Looking forward to the growth of our company following implementation of the tools and policies that we have received thus far."

- Amanda B. (Practice Owner in ​Louisiana)

"I was very impressed with Brian's presentation skills. He was direct, funny, understanding, and knowledgeable. I feel like we could potentially see a marked improvement with our attendance and income just from cleaning up our job descriptions and policies"

​- Adam B. (Practice Owner in ​Louisiana) 

"I wasn't sure what to expect but I feel like I have a better understanding of how a company runs, how to address conflict, use of the tone scale and my role in the company. I hope to use all the skills to better my role as a pediatric director and staff therapist."

- Sarah S. (Pediatric Director in Maryland)​

"The training was very informative. I am more clear on who I need to go to in a conflict and am more confident that I can direct others as well. Brian has given me the tools and knowledge to help run a more productive office."

- Melissa D. (Office Manager in Maryland)​

Executive Training Course

"I have worked with other companies before. With these other companies, I was given information with no real way to apply it in my existing clinic. Brian came into our clinic (which no one else has done, by the way) and evaluated our market, our staff, and our method for running the business. Brian has been hands on since day one. He has been amazing at being able to give us specific advice and actions for our needs, as opposed to the cookie cutter answers I got from everyone else. How can those other consultants ever help ME if they don't know anything about me or my market. It's obvious that he care about us, because we communicate on a regular basis. I am so excited about everything we have learned from him. I can't thank him enough for helping us find tangible and meaningful ways to actually apply the procedures. I truly believe the more I learn and apply, I will be a better person overall. The communication skills I am learning in the Executive Training won't only help improve my business relationships, but my personal relationships, as well. In a short period of time, Brian, you have gained my trust, my respect, and my gratitude. That's not easily attained from a skeptic like me! I appreciate all you have done for us and I am excited about the places we will go together."

- John G. (Practice owner in Arkansas)

"Brian did an excellent job presenting the material and also making sure we understood the information. He challenged our staff to get out of their comfort zones, so they could not only produce at a high level but also give a high quality service. As owners, we feel much more confident in our abilities to run a business!"

- Cory L. (Practice owner in Mississippi)

"From the moment I met Brian, I felt like he was part of our practice's team. He is very easy to talk with and I always felt comfortable talking about business matters with him. The content he provided and taught us over the past three days will most definitely add quality to our practice. We look forward to applying the material he shared with us. Brian is definitely an asset to MEG!"

- Kimberly L. (Practice owner in Mississippi)​

Marketing Course

"MEG has been overly helpful during the training. I feel as if they feed off our energy and that makes the training interesting as well as informative. The marketing course is very insightful in the way to go out and market the clinic into the real world with the role play and real life examples. I feel that I have a much deeper understanding of the marketing role after my training."

- Bailey F. (PT Marketing Director in California)​

"MEG was fantastic in answering my numerous questions and getting down to the reasons behind why you track certain stats. Brian was very engaging and we able to connect with my team . He also went out of his way to show us how to pull reports for our EMR software while he was in our office. I would recommend Brian and MEG to anyone!"

- Grace G. (PT Director of Marketing in Maryland & Virginia)

"I had a great experience learning from MEG! Brian was very informative and made me feel a lot more knowledgeable about my marketing position. He definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone which I appreciate. I feel confident and excited to start implementing the marketing strategies he has taught me."

- Brittany O. (Community Marketing Rep. in Maryland)​

"The marketing course has provided us with the valuable and relevant methods to improve our patient visit statistics and the overall viability of our clinic. Brian took the time to explain anything we needed. It was very much appreciated that he also took the time to answer all of our questions and help us focus on our clinic's weaknesses."

-Amanda B. (Practice Owner in ​Louisiana)

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