MEG Academy and the Four Keys to Business Success

To be a well trained owner and have a well trained staff, you need to stay current with your material. But how do you do this amid:

  • Turnover
  • Ongoing costs to retrain new staff
  • Ensuring your material is up to date with all the latest trends in PT Private Practice management.

Join us for our next webinar where we talk about the keys to business success, and how the evolution in our training not only trains your staff, but helps you solve for the ongoing challenges surrounding these four keys.  Led by Brian Gallagher, PT, President and founder of MEG Business Management, and Nicole Walczak, DPT, Chief Developer of MEG Academy, you’ll learn:

  • About the latest trends in practice management training methods
  • How we’ve expanded on our previous training programs to solve for the four keys to business success and much more
  • Why the training method of education, duplication, and application is necessary to the success of any training program you implement in your practice

Did we mention we have a special discount to you as a previous MEG client?

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