Physical Therapy Private Practice Coaching

Our physical therapy private practice coaching courses will teach you the business side of running your PT Private Practice. The information in these courses is the same content that took our practice to "Practice of the Year" in 2011.

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Let's Learn More About Our 3 Courses

They don't give you a manual “How To Run A Private Practice” in Physical Therapy School, and many of today’s students only take one class in business training. Now you find yourself as not only a Physical Therapist, but a business owner, and you may be feeling somewhat lost, and with a ton of questions. Each of our courses will last three days, for a total of 9 days of training. In that amount of time we will provide you with all the missing data on how to successfully run, manage and boom your practice. And since quality and efficiency are the names of the game, we have created an online virtual training room, so we can deliver all of our courses through a video conference software for free, called Zoom Meetings.

What Will You Discover In Our Executive Training Course?

In our Physical Therapy Executive Training Course you will learn the vital qualities of good leadership, how to efficiently organize and financially manage your company, and how to maintain very high morale while getting stellar products from your therapist and staff members.

Some Sample Course Objectives:

  • How to write a business strategic plan.
  • How to determine what a therapists salary should be.
  • How to effectively predict your company's cash flow.
  •  How to structure your company onto a working organization board.

What Will You Discover In Our Personnel Management Course?

Half the battle when running a company is recruiting personnel. The other half is making sure that you've hired the right individual. Once we help you establish the correct team, you will acquire the knowledge needed to set-up an extremely successful communication system throughout your company. This course is broken down into three topics: human resources, office manager, and front desk coordinator.

Some Sample Course Objectives:

  • How to confront and effectively communicate with your staff.
  • The 5 Phases of hiring a new therapist or staff member.
  • How to effectively give incentive to your therapists.
  • How to effectively manage your juniors at the front desk.

What Will You Discover In Our Marketing Course?

You will learn a unique approach to creating effective results within your clinic to the end goal of making you very well-known and well thought of in your community.

Some Sample Course Objectives:

  • How to increase new patients, patient visit numbers, and overall volume of the clinic.
  • How to overcome objections of those who may be unwilling to send patients your way.
  • How to create promotional materials which will go to major referral sources.
  • How to increase business to business relationships for mutual gain. 

Client Testimonials

Alika Antone (A2 Physical Therapy)

"The three days of training that Brian provided were extremely valuable and eye-opening. He gave insight into rules that were not only useful professionally, but also apply to my day to day personal life. Being able to communicate and interact with others is extremely important skill to have, and I feel more confident after utilizing the information that was provided. Brian was able to help us paint a clear picture of what needs to be done to get where we want to be as a team. For me, this was a piece of the puzzle that was missing in now that we have a clear path set we will be able to successfully achieve and possibly surpass our goals. I am extremely grateful to have been provided with this training and am looking forward to applying all of it moving forward."

Corey Rasmussen (Physical Therapy Specialists From Idaho)

"Brian was able to come into our practice and teach to the group the ideals and the practice standards that he has advocated for in his public speaking seminars. Brian was able to quickly build rapport with the entire group to get them all to participate and feel connected to the material he was covering. The message that we can improve our bottom line and create a very successful business but never lose our ethical standards or personal integrity was exactly the direction we wanted to go. Brian I believe made everyone feel connected to the bigger picture and more excited to get the flywheel moving in the right direction. Overall, Brian was able to convey to the group my goals and aspirations. He would utilize his content to inspire people to get excited about the goals, teach them how they need to step up their game if we are going to reach them, but best of all, gave them the formula and the tools they would need to improve their game and our systems to get to the end goal!"

Marsha R. Wykes PT, OCS, Cert. MDT (Clinical Director)

"The time I spent working with Brian and his team in 2 sessions over the past 2 months has been of high value in getting me, as the clinical director, to see a greater vision on how I can best communicate with and manage my staff. Our clinic has put some pretty substantial changes into place in our operations since the start of the year, and the training I received from MEG had made each of those changes more successful! I have gained more knowledge and confidence about how to interact with my juniors, how to facilitate change in a way that is positive and winning for all involved, and how to deliver information in the best possible way for them to be motivated to make the changes. Every time I have met with Brian and his staff over the past 4 years, I have always walked away motivated and feeling more sure about my ability to be successful in my position as clinical director! It is always time and energy well spent!"

Todd Sparks PT, DPT, OCS CSCS (Performance Plus Physical Therapy)

"I just finished a 3 day business coaching course with Brian and I could not more highly recommend Brian and MEG business. Brian's knowledge, his passion and his delivery far exceeded all my expectations. If you are planning to open a PT clinic or are already established and looking to grow or revamp, Brian. And MEG are a must!!!"

Who Is Brian Gallagher, PT?

Brian is the Founder and CEO of MEG Business Management and the most valuable asset to MEG!

Brian's Recent Publications

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"Established Shared Goals of Success for both Patient and Client"(November 2016)

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Cover photos were taken from the PPS APTA Impact Magazine Website. Click Here To Visit Their Site!

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