Bridging The Gap From Student To Physical Therapist

Presented by Brian J. Gallagher, PT.

Dear Students,

I would like to share with you my love for our profession and at the same time, my sincere concern for its future. I’ve been a PT for 26 years and had my own private practice win “Practice of the Year in 2011”. I have consulted in more than 300 offices nationwide, as it is my passion to help other practice owners succeed in reaching their own personal ideal scene by sharing all of my successful actions. Recently, I have noticed that there is a consistent overtone of discontent coming from our most experienced and professionally seasoned physical therapists and practice owners about the generation of therapists entering today’s workforce. Being the solution-oriented type of person, I started to research this situation to discover exactly what is happening, and what can be done about it.

What I have uncovered is truly amazing, but at the same time very simple. Let’s assume you are one of the 79 million millennials making up the largest portions of the workforce in America today. The better prepared you are to integrate into today’s healthcare market, the more successful you will be. Since I am routinely coaching private practice owners from around the country and speaking at the national conventions, (both APTA PPS and CSM) I feel that I have a pretty good idea of what matters most to them. Since you will be soon applying for your first position as a DPT, I would like to spin the table around and give you the inside track on what I have learned from your future employers.

I developed what I think is a powerful seminar where I will share with you the do’s and don’ts of the interview process; including how to counter o er professionally and how to know with total certainty what the person across the table from you is thinking. You will learn the vital PT practice metrics and the personal being-ness that every owner is looking for in a PT to join their team. You will also learn how to accurately assess the employer and place of employment so you can feel con dent with your selection. Most importantly I will have you discover for yourself how you can be all you can be in the eyes of your superiors and peers as a true professional in every regard. You will be learning everything that I have been training PT owners on from across the country, but now you will have the confidence and certainty as to how you can positively affect the outcome.

So if you are interested in getting out of school and entering the workforce as a true professional and landing your dream job, then my seminar is a must for you. I promise you will be left with more than you expected. I strive to exceed expectations with everything I do... and so should you!


Brian J. Gallagher, PT. 

Course Outline

• Students will be able to identify what the most important traits of a new hire are for the employer.

• Students will be able to demonstrate full understanding of what it means to have self marketability as a newly hired physical therapist.

• Students will be able to demonstrate how to become a draw for the practice they work in.

• Students will learn the importance of appreciativeness and being more interested vs more interesting. 

• Students will learn how to professionally master point of service documentation With proper laptop, lunch time, and tech management skills.

• Students will have a realistic understanding of productivity, efficiency, and quality care that constitutes what is ethically being sought after by practice owners across the country.

• Students will be able to demonstrate how to professionally confront patients, coworkers, and their employer in such a way that builds respect.

• Students will be given real-life examples of clinic challenges in the areas of patient management, personnel management, and practice management realities.

Questions That Will Be Answered

1. How to have good communication?

2. How to get along well with others?

3. What are PT Owners looking for in a new hire?

4. What does it take to be a good PT in today’s environment?

5. What are the “Do’s & Don’ts” of Interview Day?

6. How to Measure and Market yourself?


Patricia A. Hageman, PT, PhD, FAPTAProfessor, Physical Therapy Education, University of Nebraska Medical Center

"On behalf of the faculty, staff and students, I extend our appreciation for your excellent presentation on topics of great relevance for our students. Your enthusiasm is tremendous and you were exceptionally well received by the students. Thank you!”

Kenda Frenzel, SPT.UNMC, Class of 2018 & 2016 SUNAPTA President

"On behalf of the faculty, staff and students, I extend our appreciation for your excellent presentation on topics of great relevance for our students. Your enthusiasm is tremendous and you were exceptionally well received by the students. Thank you!”

Past & Future Speaking Events

APTA Private Practice Section Conference 2013, New Orleans

APTA Private Practice Section Conference 2015, Orlando

APTA Private Practice Section Conference 2017, Chicago

APTA Combined Sections Meeting 2016, Anaheim

APTA Combined Sections Meeting 2017, San Antonio

Wisconsin APTA State Conference 2015

Nebraska APTA State Conference 2016

Maryland APTA State Conference 2016

Delaware APTA State Conference 2016

DC APTA Conference 2016

University of Nebraska Medical Center 2016, Bridging The Gap Seminar

Daemen College 2017, Bridging The Gap Seminar​

Missouri APTA Spring Conference 2017

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In The News....

Workshop provides valuable tips for our PT students

By Keriann Shaw, SPT

On September 9, 2016, the UNMC Division of Physical Therapy Education hosted a workshop in Storz Pavilion led by Brian Gallagher, CEO of MEG Business Management.

Brian Gallagher is a physical therapist, private practice owner of 2011 Advance magazine’s“Practice of the Year,” and a nationally known physical therapy management consultant. MEGBusiness Management, established and owned by Gallagher, is a consulting rm for privately owned PT practices that focuses on helping owners advance to the “top 10% of practices.”

The workshop focused on bridging the gap between new graduate physical therapists and employers. Highlights included strategies for marketability, communication, teamwork, efficiency, and professionalism. Mr. Gallagher also detailed the business aspect of private practices and valuable tips for resumes and interviews including key components that employers are seeking.

Following the workshop, Mr. Gallagher expressed his thoughts about his inaugural presentation designed for DPT students:“

My time at UNMC was refreshing and reassuring that the physical therapy profession is soon to be receiving some high quality individuals with the desire and knowledge of how they can stay on purpose and exchange in abundance with not only their patients, but also their employers.”

This event was sponsored by Students of the University of Nebraska-American PhysicalTherapy Association (SUN-APTA) and the Division of Physical Therapy Education.

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